Advisory board

Hilary Beirne – Founding Chair, NYC St Patrick’s Day Parade Foundation
Martin Collins – former Secretariat, All-Party Parliamentary Group on Irish in Britain
Barry Corr  – CEO of Irish Chamber of Commerce Australia
Lena Deevy –  former Director of the Irish Immigration Center in Boston
David Dempsey – Founder and President (2012-2015) Irish Business Network Germany
Larry Donnelly – law professor, NUIG; writer and political contributor
Brian Dooley –  Director Human Rights Defenders, Human Rights First,  Author, Choosing the Green (Second Generation Irish and the Cause of Ireland)
Liam Ferrie – Founder of Irish Emigrant Publications
Adam Patrick Fulham – Irish Association of Latin America
Mary Hickman – Irish Studies professor in London; Chair, Votes for Irish Citizens Abroad (VICA)
Joey Kavanagh – Founder, Get the Boat 2 Vote
Eoin O’Liathain- Founder of non-profit Shout Out in Dublin & Youth Delegate for Ireland to the United Nations.
Conor O’Neill – Co-Founder of We’re Coming Back
Cóilín Parsons – Associate Professor, Georgetown University
Nick Rowan – President of the Irish Network DC
Susan Walsh – Dean, Global Business School, Munich, Germany

(Affiliation does not imply organisational endorsement.)

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