The men and women who fought in the Rising fought to create a Republic “elected by the suffrages of all her men and women” and made a commitment to cherish “all the children of the nation equally.”

This is a summary of what we believe should be included to begin to ensure Ireland’s emigrants are adequately represented in Ireland’s political process. Do you agree? Join us!

1.  A Minister for Diaspora Affairs permanently central to government 

 To strengthen the position of Diaspora Minister with a Cabinet committee linking all departments with diaspora engagement.

2. An electoral commission to modernise the absentee ballot process.

This should be established by the Department of Environment, and emigrant groups should have representation on the commission.

3. A referendum on emigrant voting in time for the next presidential elections

To announce a date for referendum proposed by Constitutional Convention and publish draft legislation enabling overseas and Northern Ireland voters to participate in presidential elections

 4. A commission to explore the right of all citizens to vote.

To establish a commission in 2016 to explore the right of all citizens to vote on future constitutional referendums and the creation of a diaspora 5-seater constituency in the Dáil, with a report released by the end of 2017.

 5. A diaspora voice in a reformed Seanad 

To accept recommendations of the Seanad Reform Working Group by extending the vote to citizens abroad and ensure Diaspora representation in the chamber

 6. Global partnership with civil society

To build upon success of the first Global Irish Civic Forum by extending its engagement, strengthening self-organization for a return Forum in June 2017 and a major event in June 2019

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