Irish surveys, studies and reports

CSO Irish population and migration statistics, August 2014
UCC’s Emigre project
National Youth Council of Ireland: “Home is where the heart is” conference (September 2014)

Irish Government-related documents
Constitutional convention report on the right of non-resident citizens to vote in Presidential elections (November 2013)
Joint committee on European Affairs: Voting Rights of Irish Citizens Abroad (November 2014)

Constitution of Ireland
Irish government page on voting eligibility

EU documents
Disenfranchisement: Commission acts to defend voting rights of EU citizens (January 2014)

International Studies

Voting from Abroad: The International IDEA Handbook
Transnational Politics and the State: The External Voting Rights of Diasporas by Jean-Michel Lafleur

The History and Politics of Diaspora Voting in Home Country Elections from the Overseas Vote Foundation

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