Exploring the Citizenship Papers: A Mother’s Loss

Continuing our look at the Citizenship Papers from the tranche of papers launched at our recent conference, this week we look at an essay by Kathleen O’Sullivan of Blackrock, County Cork. Kathleen O’Sullivan is the mother of Morgan O’Sullivan, who emigrated to the US in 2004. Read a few excerpts below, and read the entireContinue reading “Exploring the Citizenship Papers: A Mother’s Loss”

Catch up on the Citizenship Papers

Every week on VotingRights.ie, we’re going to feature a paper from our Citizenship Papers series. The series was launched at a conference earlier this spring. We’re kicking off with the opening charge from our recent conference, which was given by former Senator Billy Lawless, a co-founder of VotingRights.ie. In his paper, Lawless addresses Ireland’s relationshipContinue reading “Catch up on the Citizenship Papers”

Press Release: Majority support presidential vote for citizens in Northern Ireland and abroad

A majority of people in the Republic of Ireland support extending voting rights in presidential elections to Irish citizens in Northern Ireland and those living abroad, according to a new survey. The study was conducted on the eve of a major online conference on citizenship and voting taking place on March 1. (More details andContinue reading “Press Release: Majority support presidential vote for citizens in Northern Ireland and abroad”

Citizenship, Emigrants and Voting Rights Post Brexit – Conference

1st March 2021, 8.30am – 3.00pm (GMT) A major digital conference will take place on 1 March 2021 to discuss Irish citizenship, the role of emigrants and voting rights. Organised by VotingRights.ie and the Clinton Institute for American Studies at UCD, in association with EPIC: The Emigration Museum and VICA (Votes for Irish Citizens Abroad),Continue reading “Citizenship, Emigrants and Voting Rights Post Brexit – Conference”

VotingRights.ie to co-host conference: Citizenship, Emigrants and Voting Rights Post Brexit: March 1, 2021

VotingRights.ie and the Clinton Center for American Studies at UCD will host a virtual conference on March 1st entitled “Citizenship, Emigrants and Voting Rights Post Brexit”. The conference will feature speakers from across Ireland and the global Irish community, including citizens, activists, academics, and political representatives. Highlights will include release of a national poll andContinue reading “VotingRights.ie to co-host conference: Citizenship, Emigrants and Voting Rights Post Brexit: March 1, 2021”

Emma DeSouza appointed as Vice-Chair

Emma DeSouza, the citizen-activist who took a court challenge against the British government to assert her rights as an Irish citizen under the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, has been appointed the Vice-Chair of VotingRights.ie and spokesperson for the group in Northern Ireland.  Co-Founder of VotingRights.ie Billy Lawless, former Senator for the Diaspora in the IrishContinue reading “Emma DeSouza appointed as Vice-Chair”

VotingRights.ie seeks more inclusive citizenship in new programme of government

VotingRights.ie cofounder Billy Lawless, who has been an Independent member of the Seanad for the last four years, has written to Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar and Fianna Fáil’s Micheál Martin to express the importance of representation for emigrants, citizens in Northern Ireland, and other nonresident citizens in a new programme of government. In theContinue reading “VotingRights.ie seeks more inclusive citizenship in new programme of government”

“Give All Citizens the Vote”: VotingRights.ie launches recommendations

VotingRights.ie is today launching a policy paper with ten recommendations aimed at facilitating voting rights for the Irish abroad. The paper is being launched ahead of the second Global Irish Civic Forum, which starts tomorrow at Dublin Castle. Download the paper –  Give all Irish Citizens the Right to Vote.

Irish Times survey shows strong support for emigrant voting rights among recent emigrants

A new survey by the Irish Times has shown high levels of support among recent Irish emigrants for emigrant voting rights. The survey, which interviewed Irish nationals who emigrated after 2008, found: 62 per cent of respondents think they should be able to vote for the President, 63 per cent in general elections, 61 per cent inContinue reading “Irish Times survey shows strong support for emigrant voting rights among recent emigrants”

Co-founder Billy Lawless appointed to Seanad

VotingRights.ie co-founder Billy Lawless has been appointed to the Seanad by Taoiseach Enda Kenny. Mr Lawless is an advocate for undocumented Irish emigrants in the Chicago area, as well as a supporter of Irish emigrant voting rights. We are delighted to see his longtime support for the global Irish community recognized and that his appointment willContinue reading “Co-founder Billy Lawless appointed to Seanad”