VICA launches Right to Vote postcard campaign

Votes for Irish Citizens Abroad (VICA) has launched a campaign to empower the families and friends of emigrants to advocate on their behalf with politicians. Writing in the “Generation Emigration” blog, London-based VICA member Sarah Cantwell explains the postcard

provides relevant information and questions that family and friends can use when they meet a politician canvassing for the general election in 2016. Since Irish politicians have no mandate to listen to the voices of Irish citizens abroad, we figure we need to get our families and friends in Ireland to speak to the politicians on our behalf and push for our right to vote.

You can help out with this campaign by sharing the Right to Vote postcard on social media, by personally sending it to your family and friends, and by mentioning it on the phone or telling people about it if you’re able to get home for the season’s festivities. Our families and friends in Ireland already consult and include us when they’re making decisions about the future. Now we need to make sure they let politicians know that they want us to have a say in elections and referenda in Ireland.

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