Generation Emigration surveys Irish abroad on voting

The Generation Emigration blog of the Irish Times is currently running a survey aimed at gauging the political views of the Irish abroad. It’s just a few questions inquiring about time away from Ireland, attitudes about emigrant voting, and favoured political party. The survey will be up until noon on Thursday. Answer it on the Generation Emigration website.

Updated: The Irish Times has published the results of its survey

Fine Gael – 23%
Sinn Féin – 13.7%
Social Democrats – 12.6%
Fianna Fáil – 9%
Undecided voters – 8.7%
Labour – 8.4%
Green Party – 6.2%
Independent/Other – 6.2%
AAA/People Before Profit – 6.1%
“I don’t think I should have a vote” – 4%
Renua – 2%
No interest – .1%

Read the whole report for the full analysis of the results.

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