Our Value Statement

“We must seek to build together an active, inclusive citizenship; based on participation, equality, respect for all and the flowering of creativity in all its forms.” 

President Michael D. Higgins

Who We Are: VotingRights.ie is a national civil society campaign seeking to secure voting rights for all Irish citizens’ in future Presidential elections. This includes all Irish emigrants living abroad and all Irish citizens living in Northern Ireland.  Votingrights.ie is a non-political, citizen-based initiative that seeks to uphold the core democratic principle of citizenship: everyone should have a say.

Why a Referendum: The 2013 Constitutional Convention overwhelmingly approved a recommendation that all Irish citizens living in Northern Ireland and all emigrants living outside the State be allowed to vote in future Presidential elections. The current government has promised to hold this referendum during its term of office.

The Office of the Irish President is a symbol of the Irish Nation.  We believe Ireland will be a more inclusive, equal and democratic nation if all citizens, regardless of where they live, are allowed to vote for the President of our country. 

What We Value: Democracy, voting, fairness, equality, representation, inclusivity, good citizenship, non-partisanship, solidarity, balancing rights and responsibilities, a shared history.  We seek to end the hierarchy of Irishness that treats citizens in Northern Ireland and emigrants as second-class citizens with no political rights simply because of where they live. 

Our vision:All citizens of Ireland have the right to vote in Presidential elections.

Tá ceart ag gach saoránach na hÉireann vóta a chaitheamh i dtoghchán na hUachtaránachta

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