Exploring the Citizenship Papers: A Mother’s Loss

Continuing our look at the Citizenship Papers from the tranche of papers launched at our recent conference, this week we look at an essay by Kathleen O’Sullivan of Blackrock, County Cork. Kathleen O’Sullivan is the mother of Morgan O’Sullivan, who emigrated to the US in 2004. Read a few excerpts below, and read the entire essay on the CitizenshipPapers.ie website.

On her sense of loss:

What I missed the most was when he would come in the door and announce, “I’m home”. Dinners at the kitchen table were always a hive of activity in the O’Sullivan household and I miss the days of the talking and laughing, storytelling and challenging.

On staying in touch:

Now, we have FaceTime and Skype and are in daily contact. The world has become such a small place and the reality is that Morgan very often learns of any major news before his siblings. While he is abroad, Morgan knows everything going on in Ireland and Europe and very often brings updates to us. His sense of Irishness is not in doubt and he does everything he can to keep the link with home strong. 

On coming home:

Morgan has always talked about coming home, and I am sure that he would love to come back one day. We would love it too, but the journey of life can bring you down many different paths. And it hurts me to this day that that opportunity did not arise for him.

On bein Irish:

He may have left Ireland but Ireland has never left him, and knowing my son, it never will. His voice deserves to be heard.

See more of the Citizenship Papers at CitizenshipPapers.ie

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