cofounder writes: It’s time in 2016 co-founder Kevin Sullivan has an article in the Irish Times’ Generation Emigration, linking the commemoration of 1916 with the fact that Ireland disenfranchises its overseas citizens. Below is the article in full:  It’s time in 2016 to grant Irish abroad the right to vote So it has begun. The Centennial Year: 40 State-sponsored events, hundredsContinue reading “ cofounder writes: It’s time in 2016”

VICA launches Right to Vote postcard campaign

Votes for Irish Citizens Abroad (VICA) has launched a campaign to empower the families and friends of emigrants to advocate on their behalf with politicians. Writing in the “Generation Emigration” blog, London-based VICA member Sarah Cantwell explains the postcard provides relevant information and questions that family and friends can use when they meet a politicianContinue reading “VICA launches Right to Vote postcard campaign”

London-based emigrant announces Seanad candidacy

An Irish emigrant living in London has announced his candidacy for the Seanad. Barry Johnston, who describes himself as “a civil servant and human rights campaigner” write in a Generation Emigration column today that he is running for one of three seats on the NUI panel. His decision was prompted by his return home last yearContinue reading “London-based emigrant announces Seanad candidacy”

Get the Boat to Vote organiser on emigrant vote and return campaigns

Emigrant voting rights are likely to be discussed at this weekend’s Other Voices music festival in Dingle, as a special Generation Emigrant panel examines ways to encourage the “Creative Diaspora” to return home. The Irish Times carries a report in advance, which is worth reading. Joey Kavanagh of the Get the Boat to Vote campaignContinue reading “Get the Boat to Vote organiser on emigrant vote and return campaigns”

Mary Hickman on why it’s time to give emigrants the vote

Professor Mary Hickman, the head of Votes for Irish Citizens Abroad, has written an article in the Irish Times  detailing VICA’s plans to push for emigrant voting rights in 2016. She explains that the issue is becoming increasingly relevant, with the pressure building from a number of political sources within Ireland: Pressure is not onlyContinue reading “Mary Hickman on why it’s time to give emigrants the vote”