Ireland’s first Minister for Diaspora accomplished much – and the post should be retained

Representatives of groups working with Irish people abroad have called for the post of the Minister of State for the Diaspora to be retained. Minister Jimmy Deenihan’s electoral loss prompted a Generation Emigration roundup of commenters heralding his accomplishments and citing the impact of his work and the importance of the position. Those commenting include representativesContinue reading “Ireland’s first Minister for Diaspora accomplished much – and the post should be retained”

Generation Emigration surveys Irish abroad on voting

The Generation Emigration blog of the Irish Times is currently running a survey aimed at gauging the political views of the Irish abroad. It’s just a few questions inquiring about time away from Ireland, attitudes about emigrant voting, and favoured political party. The survey will be up until noon on Thursday. Answer it on the GenerationContinue reading “Generation Emigration surveys Irish abroad on voting”

Sign Uplift’s emigrant vote petition

Uplift has started a petition and social media campaign to support emigrant voting rights ahead of Friday’s general election. Sign it on their website, Noting that 1 in 6 Irish voters won’t be able to cast their vote because they’re living overseas, they say “#Uplift has teamed up with organisations fighting for the rightsContinue reading “Sign Uplift’s emigrant vote petition”

Candidates launch “Emigrant Manifesto”

Two candidates running in the upcoming Seanad election have launched their “Emigrant Manifesto”, outlining their campaign for voting rights and other issues for Irish citizens abroad. Roscommon native Barry Johnston, who works as a human rights advocate in London, had announced in December that he was running for the NUI panel in the upcoming SeanadContinue reading “Candidates launch “Emigrant Manifesto””

Indo article highlights importance of emigrant input

An article in the Irish Independent suggests that government policies aimed at encouraging emigrants to return may increase tensions between emigrants and residents who never left. Citing competition for jobs and housing as being primary points of potential resentment, writer Claire McCormack outlines the uptick in returnees: Over the last 12 months, there has been aContinue reading “Indo article highlights importance of emigrant input” article calls for votes for emigrants

An article on says that Ireland has yet to achieve the ideals of 1916 as evidenced by the fact that “20% of all Irish citizens are disenfranchised from the right to vote and are silenced as soon as they set off from the loneliest of airports.” Author Morgan O’Sullivan, an Irish citizens who hasContinue reading “ article calls for votes for emigrants”

Niall O’Dowd: the right to live and work at home is “deeply important”

New York-based Irish publisher Niall O’Dowd editorialises on emigration on, writing about the flip side of the airport family reunions that feature so prominently in the media in the days running up to Christmas: the farewell. “What is amazing is how little times have changed,” he writes. “You could have witnessed the same farewell scenesContinue reading “Niall O’Dowd: the right to live and work at home is “deeply important”” cofounder writes: It’s time in 2016 co-founder Kevin Sullivan has an article in the Irish Times’ Generation Emigration, linking the commemoration of 1916 with the fact that Ireland disenfranchises its overseas citizens. Below is the article in full:  It’s time in 2016 to grant Irish abroad the right to vote So it has begun. The Centennial Year: 40 State-sponsored events, hundredsContinue reading “ cofounder writes: It’s time in 2016”

VICA launches Right to Vote postcard campaign

Votes for Irish Citizens Abroad (VICA) has launched a campaign to empower the families and friends of emigrants to advocate on their behalf with politicians. Writing in the “Generation Emigration” blog, London-based VICA member Sarah Cantwell explains the postcard provides relevant information and questions that family and friends can use when they meet a politicianContinue reading “VICA launches Right to Vote postcard campaign”

London-based emigrant announces Seanad candidacy

An Irish emigrant living in London has announced his candidacy for the Seanad. Barry Johnston, who describes himself as “a civil servant and human rights campaigner” write in a Generation Emigration column today that he is running for one of three seats on the NUI panel. His decision was prompted by his return home last yearContinue reading “London-based emigrant announces Seanad candidacy”